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Various picturesque views at the beach

This picture was taken 30 seconds after the canoe above, standing from the vantage point of infront of the canoe. "Thats" what the sun looked like that was poking thru the trees

Ominous cloud formation dissipating as the sun rises.

Canoe at sunrise

Interesting cloud patterns at sunset. Tricky shot. Light was low, but color was spectacular

Swans in the lagoon

Red serviceberry tree in the fall

Sunrise on Lake Mendota
Madison, WI

The prairie at Yellowstone. Difficult to capture the majestic beauty

pond sun reflection. Speaks for itself

Fall sunrise over Lake Wobegon

Another nice reflection of the sun over water. If you look close, you can see the lake bottom near the pier.

Sunrise over the lake

Majestic clouds over Lake WInnebago

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